Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The highest form of possession in humanity, possession

Kindly record the voices and images, psychiatrists please. Human beings cannot bark on strangers, kill nor snatch lives of children, teenagers, adults nor multiply characters with the use of the machines. We are given a brain each, physique and destiny to treasure individuality. Human beings are  intertwined with conscience and  guilt whether you like it or not. Without these, what makes you?

A very large group has planned death in image while breathing. Feed to kill.

This group has inserted two identities in one body. The status quo is killing the owner of the body by passing on the image of the inserted intangible body in full blast. While the owner of the body is moving, the other is watching, eating up the life in every possible way, 24/7.

In great desire, they have penetrated the church to kill the name and identity of the owner of the body, vaguely, and continually working on being looked at and addressed as the cat, the invader.

The family of the invader have conspired disclaiming each other. Even the mother, brothers, husband, authorities, etc., have been creating a new life and confusion to all. Strategically, it started as a joke, teaching a lesson about respect as an excuse to trespass until it becomes a norm and sink in the brains.

Magically and historically, how would you convince people so greatly to speak another language of negativity. Mercilessly, they have trespassed the house of God, composed songs of echoes, freezing brains and getting through bodies and brains of all ages. You'll be surprised upon hearing an individual speak their lingo out of the blue and carrying the cross of the sinful... possession.

Is it possible for authorities to implement such actions? It's politics all the way to religion.

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