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ESL falls under the end consumer

ESL or English as a Second Language is imparted to non native speakers from Asian countries and some parts of Europe. The purpose of the study is to communicate worldwide, because English wins the majority. As the books say, English has two ways-formal and informal. Apparently, informal English is spoken with friends and younger ones using casual daily conversation whereas formal English is applied in dealing with the elderly, superiors and businesses making English conditional.


Business solution to fight economic strait

"You get paid, I get paid" strategic mentality.

In the last two years, the news on statistics towards the global economy was terribly talked about due to its tremendous downfall. More so, anticipated, unemployment is a constant issue. Now, let us create an avenue on how to be of hand by conceptualizing a business solution to fight economic strait.

Alright, employees such as office workers aren't greatly affected by this global issue, albeit, inflation impacts the pockets. In a situation such as this and granting maturity and knowledge, a small scale business might do the trick in returning the favor out of employment.

Practically, business strategy solution is ideal to be equipped in financial war by establishing a fall back as an alternative to answer payables or better, bankruptsy. Contributing favorably with monetary return of investment would be of help.

1. Follow the trend or not , take a look at our own personal need and weight the demand and supply. Let us say, a woman finds accessories as a need. It won't hurt to check out the market and consumers who find it the same way.

Taiwan spares the rod and sacrifices the innocent for gratitude, where's Taiwan's help, world?

Taiwan, Taiwan, it's an enchanted kingdom it's miraculously done. Analyze and ponder, Taiwan is the purest form of inhumanity, merciless, treacherous, the perfect faces and representation of a devil in disguise. It's just perfect! However, there is no escape. Taiwan smiles to the gratitude to be collected from the world for spoiling the rod. SGI and the Phils. Rise up! Which courtroom, DOH in the Phils or MOJ in Taiwan? Dead or alive?

After a long time of extensive analogy, research and understanding, I have been reaching the truth behind all forms of illegalities and impossibilities humans can be. Taiwanese is the purest devils in disguise who can't tease out of beauty but are well trained for calmness, composure, strength that of a wicked criminal reaching out to the heaven and hell.

Wow! Is there lower than hell? It doesn't exist because God didn't create a room for it, albeit it's true that there are demons and fire. I shoo them away because their an outcast that is why they grab attention to fight for their existence. As much as possible, I personally don't want them to be thought of because curiosity kills the cat and they really tease like a child's play they play with us, the innocent. Their existence or acknowledgement gives them a smile.

And I learned that these evil spirits are real. However, they are invisible unlike the souls in the human beings bodies whispering via satellite. C'mon, they were former angels without the bodies. But then again, don't mind them to invite them.

I don't hate Taiwan, just why should I? It's not even a physically violent country. Look at them. Aren't they different and extensively charming disregarding physical appearances? Being around them secures a feeling that no fight will be provoked nor physical harm will be invited. It seems like their patience is for eternity they don't get mad, just who would get mad at that?

However, upon discovering the truth about this territory, I learned that ironic to their harmless and prideless outcome, they are the most wicked people from within. The most terrifying that of Kevin of Sin City. I am one writer who is very careful about the words and information I impart because of the psychological impact, forget about the image because people have different perception and understanding based on different characters. The information stores at the back of the brain or the subconscious which sometimes adds in to our direction.

The brain they get, the brain I study. And in this study, I need to fact find because who doesn't want facts? Drinking alcohol only pauses the problem but it doesn't resolve it. It's still there after its effectivity.

Oh, Taiwan spoils the rod who happens to be the Phils and SGI criminals invading and destruction Taiwan. You see, they are aliens, Filipino citizens under the government of its neighboring country, Manila, Philippines. Can you imagine ruining a beautiful life of a foreign Taiwanese, a woman who by chance brought to Taiwan by fate? And it's not just an ordinary ruin. It's a big blow.

Stalked and chased by a cult as big as around the globe and the Phils which is an industrialised and influential country brought up by several foreign investors Taiwan is just dreaming on. Even its sacrifice and source of power and influence, Sally Chuang, comes from the future Taiwan cannot provide and has been dreaming on. So, why not stop and grab that future for the future, huh. Remember, it's not Taiwan that is ruined and loss, it's Sally.

Is Taiwan an angel like it protrudes? I realised that the reason why Taiwanese don't want to let go of the Phils to sabotage and terrorise Sally is because they don't want to be the full doer for the future and play like an angel saving a damsel in distress, really?

The truth behind it is the word "Gratitude". Taiwan wants to give everything SGI and the Phils want  from Sally from hinder in traveling, stop working, shutting the brain down to prostitution, Jesus! Taiwan from fetus to near death want to think of such to make it happen because in the future, Taiwan will be collecting for themselves like a condolence for the death of Sally. Reality always bites.

I am not so sure if Taiwan will bring the body of Sally to God Alfonso Raymond To Uy, SGI, who is told to bring her back to life and divert her to SGI Japan? Nevertheless, I heard from a Taiwanese via satellite that it will happen and the police officers has really been  twisting her neck up for Alfie, in the name of SGI and the Phil government before there's another police or a Taiwanese to play like an angel anew. What can I say Taiwan...? Look at them and listen, aren't they respectful and so sweet...

In the future, this mountain province of uncivilisation left behind modernisation will be anticipating, "Thank you, Taiwan". For what? What did Taiwanese do to help who? The poor? English teachers to want to teach English? For whatever reason, Taiwanese don't teach English that of a native speaker nor offer a seat to the unemployed nor contributed money to the poor. So, how did Taiwan become an angel? In fact, Taiwan is one of the paupers with bloody hands wide open in wait for that gold.

How could Taiwanese save Sally who is equipped for the 21st century? She has the money and job opportunities Korea and China offered in the Foreign English teaching world. But Taiwan is grabbing it up from Sally. In America, Sally is equipped with the call center industries and other offices, but Taiwan is grabbing it to Sally. Travels in Singapore and other countries are within Sally's hands, but Taiwan is grabbing it from Sally. Different businesses are within Sally's hands, but Taiwan is grabbing it to Sally.

Alright Taiwan, so according to the plans with the Phils, Sally has to be at the very bottom from near death to unleashing more blood to prostitution to factory worker, be Melanie using her body? Ah, forget about the rest of the two, it's just really pen and paper for Sally.

So, Taiwan, how does the bottom pull up the top where Taiwanese is the bottom and Sally is the top, modesty aside. Yeah, what about sex? They want to save Sally for sex? But c'mon, it's got to be rape that is why the shutting down of brain is very crucial to lose that sanity in the territory of Taiwan. SGI Alfonso Raymond To Uy, aphasia needs Sally so greatly what can it reciprocate Taiwan as a form of payment?

And more, Taiwan wants to shower the right to English to all non natives speakers. That's a very generous thought of Taiwan, how? By saturating Sally Chuang. I understand, the bottom cannot understand the value of time and normality in progress, destiny, cleanliness and work, it's white. Life will never be felt by Taiwan, why not create its own essence of life, right Taiwan?

How much is Taiwan anticipating from spoiling the criminals and cult out of Sally's suffering and loss? Want to belong to the world for lynching Sally? Oh yes, in Taiwan's world, they are rich and powerfully done they will pull Sally up with money, if it happens. I don't think so because greed doesn't pay. And that's exactly the reason why they these witch doctors are operating her. They need it more. Ask them and they would say, "I don't know" before they whisper and side comment for "Da Bien" or read Sally's brain or follow SGI's instructions directly from the Phils.

Is it expensive or hard to give the Phils and SGI a favor to buy Mrs. Melanie Calandria Y Uy, a Filipina? If Taiwan got her before her marriage, then P150,000 isn't to be asked for annulment. Unless, Melanie wants a higher ransom for Sally's life for her cunt to be fed with more shafts. The selling process has been like over 3 years now 24/7, exclusive of holidays. Is it expensive, Taiwan? It isn't easy to commit suicide. If you live, there will be a scar.

The Phil government can't wait, so can't she. That amount in peso is just about a month or a month any half of pay in NT dollars. Or just ask for it from your parents retirement fee worth 1M NT. It's just less than 100,000NT. Sally doesn't need it. Just give it to her, especially the shaft.

How can Taiwan feel when it's a miracle to be welcomed by the world and be rewarded with a grandeur of fame and gratitude not even in their dream exist? How can Taiwan feel sorry when they have nothing to lose but so much to gain? And what do Taiwanese have to do? Lambaste deep down Sally's soul.

Worse like a child's play, tears would be asked to fall down on people's faces, who wouldn't be touched? Two countries, three, the world over a woman for Taiwan's gain?
The right will always fight with the wrong. And since Taiwan is wrong and Sally's right, distort the right and give in to the wrong. There is no threat in being attracted with a Taiwanese men just like what Taiwan is teasing to happen. So, stimulate the brain with sexual need and hope to run for a shaft. Tell me more about you, Taiwan and the others. I want to bring that knowledge with me after my life time.

So, what will Taiwan do? Blind her, deafen her, mute her, distort the brain to be wrong, only then would a Taiwanese man would be a beauty. More so, ruin Sally to the fullest that is why there is a question waiting to be asked such as, "Is it you, Sally?" She needs to be ugly in favor of SGI member and sister of Alfonso, Leslie Rose Uy Yiu. Change is awaiting. Again, ask Taiwan if they know these people. Taiwan avenge for them.

As always, take care of that body for the eyes to see, Taiwan. If you aren't a beauty, what will you do? Charm. Squeeze. Gang rape. No man is an island, right? How can one live without a job, perfect isn't Taiwan? Set up a business then, before those legs will be spread as words are followed in Taiwan wanting to be brats. These words were spoken about 5 years ago by an agent and I won't be surprised if they will push it to make it happen to the end of time.

The prostitution for SGI Leslie's satisfaction can be done in a different way. There is what we call a three-dimensional brain-reading device I have been studying which is another world that doesn't exist yet it exist. End it there. Anyways, the process is almost close to reality like a mind game.

There were players coming in the satellite and depending on how the game is done, it can appear real because the viewers can hop in to feel the players real time emotions. so if the players feel a sense of sexual arousal, the viewers may feel the a sensation. Sex is made to be a pleasure, hypocrisy aside. The weak or in need may play with that state of mind. Nonetheless, it should be kept in mind that it's just a game like a video game. If the players coming in gets real, they may develop a world or state of emotion that doesn't exist.

The loss of time of Sally is considered a gift to be carried over in the form of learning after death, where she goes next, and who knows if she comes back? My point is, the soul is ones book of history. Only the soul can answer "why?" and only God can qualify the truth. Remember that there is no reason why you can hate a person you haven't seen that you spend everyday of your life slashing tongues and looking at her from nowhere to the point of sharing fire that crawls underneath the skin. It's para normal.

Where you ever on fire? If so, how did you make it? There's nothing like that on earth even the prisoners wouldn't feel such pain it left not a strand of your hair. It makes you scream that dares to leave your body. Where and how are these gotten from when strangers are strangers with no string attached? The worst, they can live with nothing but violence, lies and monitoring her in the air all happening in the brain.

Like a ghost, they talk to her and castigate her deep down inside them making sure that Sally doesn't escape from them, strangers. They will never find her where their bodies lie, the Philippines.

About more or so three years in Taiwan and the cult in the Phils with nonstop harassment and sharp tongues that reverberate and never ends is para normal. Anger and profanity are highly stressing.                

Yes Taiwan, wait for your global glory in return for your global lynching over a woman to appraise a global value to your shaft.        

Mrs. Melanie Calandria Y Uy, hold on as you wish. If you don't turn out to be Sally and be bought by any man around the glob after a long walk and bloody hardwork, who knows? As always, after along wait, the husband Aristotle To Uy married her finally. Maybe, he'll give her a child later on or remarry her to collect money out of it anew. Neither of the two married couple will never possess Sally like that of Linda Blair. Die first then I don't know. Struggle soul, struggle?                    

And of course, how can I forget the Phils? Who will crawl for help from a country who pushes blood to keep on flowing out repeatedly. Great show for the emotions, Manila, Philippines. Anon, wouldn't you feel and cry for this? It really touches the heart I weep. Like a film, it's so heart pounding.

But not for Taiwan. That's for later when the director says, "Action". Have they met Melanie or any of these Filipinos? No! So, how could they avenge per se for the SGI? Gratitude from Japan and the Phils and looking forward to the world for a job well done in salvaging just one woman who is never a Taiwanese. The tears of joy and treachery will pour out if they make it. So, guard her more Phils. Wouldn't you do the same if from zero you'll just boom 100% just for one life against the gain of the whole of Taiwan, a kicked out country in 1971? Magic!

Remember, it's not a Taiwanese who loss blood, time, opportunity, moral damage, etc., although, it's under the governance of Taiwan. How clean and lucky Taiwanese are to gain from Sally's destiny and life coming from the future. It's such a shame right, Taiwan, Sally is really a thick face? Why is she still alive and walking continuing her job in English and not give it to Taiwan and shower it to the globe for Taiwan and collect money after Sally's life?

Sally is such a thick face! Geez, doesn't she know that only the best among the best is showered by a Taiwan passport and Sally is a dirt to be given such so pay Taiwan. Geez! Where is Taiwan's call center and other foreign investors? And the globe? United Nations is just an organization, dear. Taiwan wants them all.

More so, she hasn't contributed yet to that collection of sins. Just like what SGI member Alfonso Raymond To Uy said, "Sally, you're selfish". Why not turn the 10 commandments of God upside down, too? Taiwan hands Sally the license to kill but she rejects it. Such a thick face!  But since Taiwan is an angel, if Sally lives because she can't die or Taiwan will not earn out of the show, once everything has been gotten from her Taiwan will help her out like a savior, uh, I don't know how they want to do it. Isn't Taiwan so sweet?

I hope Korea will be scratched out of the plan and leave Sally alone once she escapes. It's not like the South doesn't know. It's a national issue. These governments may hold legal cases among themselves without Sally and bring up the right to English.

Gosh, Melanie and Aris, what's with that private organ of the former? The globe is being shaken for that shaft for SGI  Mrs. Melanie Calandria Y Uy. Blood and souls have been sacrificed. Nature is being defied for possession. Can't Kevin (Taiwan) take her? And that sick husband of hers, SGI Aris, why does he want to claim Sally as her Melanie in the past? Oh, SGI Alfie really wants to be a God and create a need for Sally to tell the world that SGI Aris, my younger brother, Sally isn't Melanie before SGI Alfie plays a tour in saving Catholic Sally and become and "Uy" through marriage. In the meantime, SGI Rosalinda operates her heart for the heart-illness and SGI Leslie operates ugliness, stupidity, insanity and prostitution as a job in excuse for job sabotage.

SGI doesn't intend to flood the world with tears, does it? ow, I understand why the great effort for this Japanese religion. After all Sally's change and death, SGI will shower Sally's Foreign English seat to bring good fortune to all non native speakers of English and tell stories about Sally before they help her as an SGI member and say that SGI helps her out.

That's why SGI can't sleep and shout for "Wana (Filipina)", "Sally is a Filipina for SGI Leslie because she wants to help the world in contribution of SGI. Who wouldn't owe gratitude to SGI? so what if they push Sally to give her all the torturing way out of nowhere? It's SGI's mentoring about Karma that once SGI wants you, SGI wants you. Only SGI has the good fortune. SGI Japan Gohunzon Japanese Buddhism. Right, "Taiwan, shieh shieh (Taiwan, thank you)".

SGI, can't you do anything right?

Can't you contribute to the world as you wish? I don't want you to share yourselves to me because I have my own self. Am I selfish because of that? My soul is not yours nor your soul is not mine. Don't you know this former Catholics and still studying in the Catholic schools, St. Jude and Immaculate Conception (ICA), Philippines? Oh yes, you are SGI Gohunzon Phil branch, Filipino citizens, duh.

Taiwan, to SGI and yourselves, you are good karma with the spirit of Gohunzon. Who could ever do anyone such a favor? You will be blessed and that's the reason for your smile.Sally's life is a bad karma. Grab it for SGI. It's the law of "Good karma" and "Good fortune". Sally isn't an SGI nor a Filipina. She's a Catholic and Chinese with a Foreing tongue and blessed with good fortune. How did it happen? SGI Rosalinda run to SGI out of failure from the Catholic. That's why there's POSSESSION because no one among them is Sally with the tongue, brain and travel, a foreigner?

Bad girl, Sally. "Teach her a lesson", from SGI Japan Gohunzon. Get her from God, Jesus Christ.

SGI Rosa separated mother said, "Marriage is not the food we eat which you puke if you don't want it anymore". It doesn't matter if Sally is a Chuang, for SGI, she's a Chua. Share Sally with the brother of the fake husband the way SGI Melanie shares herself with the brother-in-law. Now, there's the reason for the CHASE.

And look at the SGI teachers showering employment, English and beauty and brain to the whole world, then ask, "Where are they?" They would say, "That's karma, Sally" before they laugh and utter "We are a family, you are the Phils, we are international.
That's what you get from your God. You will end up with SGI, too, haha".

This SGI Japan Gohunzon members are stealing what they thought Japan from Sally when Sally has nothing to do with Japan. Is Melanie being let go of Japan she's grabbing what is told to be my destiny? I don't think Sally wants Japan. Isn't Japan in love with Melanie yet or SGI itself? It's right before their eyes since childhood and years now for Mrs. Melanie Calandria Y Uy. Doesn't she puke for squeezing her husband to Sally, the woman her brother-in-law is shouting and lambasting to be the wife? SGI and former Catholic members, it against the 10 commandments to covet thy neighbors spouse, just in case they have forgotten. Besides, Sally screams out of that ugly and monstrous husband of Melanie and SGI calls Sally a bitch?

For the believers of Jesus Christ, it's all about sins and turning angels into demons.

SGI Japan is in the air.

Will there be courtroom, Taiwan? At the Department Of Justice in the Philippines or the Ministry Of National Defense in Taiwan. When when Sally has already unrecognizable to utter the words, "Is it you?"

Will there be courtroom, Taiwan? At the Department Of Justice in the Philippines or the Ministry Of National Defense in Taiwan. When when Sally has already unrecognizable to utter the words, "Is it you?"

Is it possible to eat popcorn or chips in the courtroom for the big show of big stars like a gathering or a party amongst nations, Taiwan?" It must be some drama show.

No one is running after their skirts nor pants, brain nor destiny. Smell the food as always and feel it in the stomachs. Next life time, perhaps, they may come close to Sally. she is still small to be hindered and to innocent to be locked up and a virgin to be a prostitute. She will never be paid for a sexual service. Again, steal as early as birth Taiwan.

Flowers for the tummy, food for the brain

Personally, there isn't really a relevance between a man's stomach in a blooming relationship with a woman. Psychological though, I realised that the saying extends to service and appreciation to living. Let's face it, men by nature long to preserve its masculinity one way or another to say that I am on top. Besides, it really feels so good to be served.

Since birth, we eat three basic meals to move on to the next day. And for each meal, the question is always, "What's for dinner?". Think about it, can we eat Italian spaghetti daily? Even if you add or reduce some ingredients from it, it's still Italian spaghetti. Even if it's served with 14k Italian gold, it won't arouse the appetite.

As a matter if fact, we look forward to compensate ourselves with good food to recharge our energy after a hardwork. And after all the consistency in routinary sequence, the food inspires and excites us to keep on going.

Flowers for the tummy subconsciously makes us smile and love life. Observing keener, the smell and taste of good food after a fight calm and pause our tension. A delectable dish stops the world from evolving. Admit it or not, it is a fact. No matter the severity of the situation, wallah, it's magic.

Speaking scientifically, the brain processes what we feed in our tummies and dictates if it is delicioso or a crap. It is not often spoken, but the food we take affects our moods, too. The effect of the intake is almost as long as it stays in the tummy. It makes me smile as a cook. Apparently, if the dish is a crap, it ruins my momentum and annoys me for a while.

More food. It stimulates the brain to run faster and more efficiently which makes it "Food for the brain" as well, justifiably. As the tummy gets filled up, the brain gets the energy filled up either. Whether be a cake or a cup of coffee, the taste processed as food de facto affects the tempo of the brain. I go to Starbucks because of the music and ambiance. Indeed, it makes me breathe. However, the drink makes me relaxed and alerts my brain to use the energy to do things.

Taking from it, perhaps men bring flowers to the stomach with the food served on the table out if inspiration in keeping the fire burning and never get up seeing the same face and feeling the same warmth from their women. More so, it is a form of gladness to provide. Just like magic, a delicious dish broadens the horizon of the brain.

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Effective marketing as a general rule in business

Marketing is an umbrella of business courses. It is the only constant thing to survive be it in selling services or products, even oneself. Unconsciously, presenting oneself in job employment is a form of selling through presentation and conversation.

Moving on, marketing is not isolated to sales alone. Its broadness entails fundamentals in research and analysis pertinent in structuring the skeleton of a business. In implementing such study, skills in approaches, projection of data and patience in following the trend are a must. To emphasize, marketing is not about the maker or the seller, it is about the "buyer".

Effective marketing, to simplify, is learning the need of the buyer chained to listening skill. Different from other business courses, marketing is complex to dissect.

There goes the seller who is an important key in distributing the product or service. Indeed, a product is already made to cater its purpose, however, the buyer is unaware of the benefits it offers competitively considering competition.

Therefore, the seller does the job in asking for the time to present the advantages to the prospect buyer equivalent to its worth.

To enumerate simply, effective marketing is as follows:

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No Entiendo Su Lengua", I don't understand... make or break

Language is  the basic tool in conversation be it in words or signs. Is "No entiendo" possible in a common tongue?

To equate a fact, the means to communicate in order to be understood is equivalent to the number of countries equals the number of languages plus the dialects, verbally, added by the sign language and book for the blind for the handicaps. In conclusion, looking at the bigger picture, there is "zero" chance for stupefaction; unless, one is an alien from another country.

Language is a perfect symbol for the saying "No man is an island". Considering the over population today, the saying misrepresents a loner due to a constant variable, family. From my point of view as a conversation teacher, "Language is universal", metaphorically, where language is to words and universal is to broadness. A word spoken may vary in tautology depending on the comprehension of the listener and the depth of definition relies on the speaker.

The beauty in conversation mirrors experience and perspective rationalising a make or break, to simplify. There are two factors raising conversation to the pedestal-occupational and personal.