Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No Entiendo Su Lengua", I don't understand... make or break

Language is  the basic tool in conversation be it in words or signs. Is "No entiendo" possible in a common tongue?

To equate a fact, the means to communicate in order to be understood is equivalent to the number of countries equals the number of languages plus the dialects, verbally, added by the sign language and book for the blind for the handicaps. In conclusion, looking at the bigger picture, there is "zero" chance for stupefaction; unless, one is an alien from another country.

Language is a perfect symbol for the saying "No man is an island". Considering the over population today, the saying misrepresents a loner due to a constant variable, family. From my point of view as a conversation teacher, "Language is universal", metaphorically, where language is to words and universal is to broadness. A word spoken may vary in tautology depending on the comprehension of the listener and the depth of definition relies on the speaker.

The beauty in conversation mirrors experience and perspective rationalising a make or break, to simplify. There are two factors raising conversation to the pedestal-occupational and personal.

More:  http://www.articlesbase.com/languages-articles/no-entiendo-su-lengua-or-i-dont-understand-make-or-break-3545314.html#ixzz1HIuM9nYY

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