Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flowers for the tummy, food for the brain

Personally, there isn't really a relevance between a man's stomach in a blooming relationship with a woman. Psychological though, I realised that the saying extends to service and appreciation to living. Let's face it, men by nature long to preserve its masculinity one way or another to say that I am on top. Besides, it really feels so good to be served.

Since birth, we eat three basic meals to move on to the next day. And for each meal, the question is always, "What's for dinner?". Think about it, can we eat Italian spaghetti daily? Even if you add or reduce some ingredients from it, it's still Italian spaghetti. Even if it's served with 14k Italian gold, it won't arouse the appetite.

As a matter if fact, we look forward to compensate ourselves with good food to recharge our energy after a hardwork. And after all the consistency in routinary sequence, the food inspires and excites us to keep on going.

Flowers for the tummy subconsciously makes us smile and love life. Observing keener, the smell and taste of good food after a fight calm and pause our tension. A delectable dish stops the world from evolving. Admit it or not, it is a fact. No matter the severity of the situation, wallah, it's magic.

Speaking scientifically, the brain processes what we feed in our tummies and dictates if it is delicioso or a crap. It is not often spoken, but the food we take affects our moods, too. The effect of the intake is almost as long as it stays in the tummy. It makes me smile as a cook. Apparently, if the dish is a crap, it ruins my momentum and annoys me for a while.

More food. It stimulates the brain to run faster and more efficiently which makes it "Food for the brain" as well, justifiably. As the tummy gets filled up, the brain gets the energy filled up either. Whether be a cake or a cup of coffee, the taste processed as food de facto affects the tempo of the brain. I go to Starbucks because of the music and ambiance. Indeed, it makes me breathe. However, the drink makes me relaxed and alerts my brain to use the energy to do things.

Taking from it, perhaps men bring flowers to the stomach with the food served on the table out if inspiration in keeping the fire burning and never get up seeing the same face and feeling the same warmth from their women. More so, it is a form of gladness to provide. Just like magic, a delicious dish broadens the horizon of the brain.

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