Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Discrimination getaway is running for a passage for royalty

A very large group of communities are drawing an imagination of anti discrimination by creating a plot of discrimination world wide. They are identifying the word "Discrimination" to a progressive name of an individual around the globe. In return, they take the credit for the post and opportunies in the process of castigation and Identity Theft  by switching images and claim of citizenship in taking the responsibility to sugarcoat personal and political  interests.

As these communities are immune and known for crimes and power, they play around with humans emotions-people.

As adults, we have responsibilities toward ourselves, families, environment and jobs to live.

My point is innocence is taking advantage of. Most of us don't have the time to fully understand the essence of the scenario.

So how will they scatter to get in and grab attention? Comparable to an airborne influenza, the virus is in the air we breathe.

Therefore, the switch, brain and faith pollution are becoming subconscious to all living things.

Out of responsibilities, lack of time, characters change over time. Deftening our ears and blinding our eyes to held submission.

The source of relaxation that brings us smiles and entertainment, actors and actresses, hosts, etc., the microphone, reverberates specific languages and gestures. Idols, our own kind, who we trust are built.

The question is why do we bear watching, listening and gradually follow echoes? It is a long story to objectify as "difference" is constant.

Alongside with the influenza are tears and lies to create a path for unification in
order to getaway with illegalities, crashing doors and hope of being welcomed like saviors with gladness, your majesty.

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