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A historical political mess

An island is searching for an escape strategizing political network to defy discrimination on record. For the very first time in history, personal issues are used as a doorway in the form of entertainment. The darkest and strongest marketing strategy ever existent in selling its people and country to break the door, they invade territories, spread out misinformation, push and pull, kill to gain, claim who isn't theirs and popularize characters in the created story to maintain connection.

Conspiring with a province full of illegalities and treachery, an outcast, they surrender and sacrifice a character within their governance. Different characters are applauded to the world.

One of the characters is governed by the province, announcing being sold when he has been sold, claiming of being taught English when it has been learned, etc, while the rest freeze and destroy the image. Shouting for "Meow, meow…cat", fully trusting the authorities in the saving a damsel in distress in the darkness.

The Deputy Director dreaming of becoming the president of the department he is working for, nonchalantly claims knight in shining armor, is the killer introducing himself to the world before appearing as savior in disguise. An aspirant in reality, he and his group are shutting down his world, narrowing his path while grabbing his assets and publicizing to the world, "I made you. I will pull you up, I am pulling you up".  Transparently, they want appearances and leadership, maximizing all the chances from being welcomed, to getting jobs, to marriage proposals, to monetary up to forgetting citizenship and blood-a foreigner to themselves.

Looking at reality, in a small province, a title is just cover. Ironic to his job, issuing permits, he brings forth a country defying the rules and regulations.

Together with the rest of the country, the most absurd and ungrateful blood highly imaginable, they eat each other up.

Possessing brains and whispering instructions to their own kind even to other parents' children, they take pride with their chins up and have the stomachs to bite because they know that the entraped characters are followed all through out their "dog-eat-dog world".

The innocent is continually being run after by these misrepresented living dead individuals. How pitiful the children are because they will never experience and enjoy the true meaning of PRIVACY.

Money, money, money... trap, trap, trap...

Trap begets trap, life is full of predicaments.

The province swallows its people. The island has been whole-heartedly welcomed and appreciated for swallowing their whole country further. And what is even worse is that the province longs to be transparent and be swallowed by the whole world.

Police, police? All men in uniforms are aliens to law. Ponder how they survive because they shout for their diplomas and certificates to the whole world. However, it's not really observed and the core for incoherence is just to thick to break.

Just like the island, everything is for sale. Furthermore, they are connecting through a character in the province and covering its government with the second character with personal issues and nothing to show. A married islander who are totally strangers to the innocent character.

The brother of her husband happens to be the ex boyfriend of the innocent for over two years now. Just why would the sister-in-law and her family run after the ex girlfriend of her supposed brother-in-law? And why would they, even her own husband, switch her character with the ex girlfriend of her brother-in-law?

She and her family announce agreeing with their daughter and her brother-in-law's relationship. So what? Why will they run after the innocent character and who will allow a very simple personal issue in their island cover the whole world? It is the islander's government.

The islander finally has been of use to her government through an echoing empty noise.

These province and island don't care about humanity. If they are competent, then why would they force themselves to get through? Even to the point of creating a story about discrimination to gain sympathy from the world.

Moving further, analyzing the situation, the eating part doesn't end up with the innocent character. They intend to eat up the jobs of those who are fit. Such a sad inhumane world for these two because they aren't really suffering from starvation. Perhaps, their coconut shells and stomachs are too thick to break.

To aggravate the matter, they are living in different worlds, grounds, brains and individualities. Identification is highly emphasized to cover an extension of brains and lives as one.

Therefore, an officer makes everyone an officer. A legal wife is a wife to all in the brain. And who knows if one of the couple is possesed by the unseen in their brains during their love making. That is why they are supporting the islander's concept of sharing of men because it is not something new to the province, in concept.

To justify the adjectives used, these two communities are addicted to real life scenarios using study as an excuse. Nonetheless, mastery only takes a short while, not a life time. I am actually thinking that, probably, the reason why they just can't learn is because they are special. They don't have lives as they breathe on others-watching, listening, barging in appearing as foreigners to humanity.
While the island keeps on giving out instructions and provoking fights, watching intensely, the province is joyful.

I wonder how men in uniforms wear uniforms given their emotional instability, psychological and mental incapacity, lazily and authoritatively powerful yet so weak. They capture the victim, ruin a beautiful picture and keep on peeking at private lives. They will only start to act upon the situation when 95% in winning the situation is to be done and claim the medals afterwards.

Complicating things further, they force the innocent character to be in a relationsip with their own kind or be married. Screw up her life next and back to the island for immorality. Or kill the brain or life of the innocent to claim her son as the child of the islander, because her blood is bad and her color is dark brown, a pure islander. Unfortunately, the blood type of the child is of his mother, the innocent. Apparently, they don't match and they can never look alike. The dangerous part is they might act insanely to convince themselves and change the truth.

The islander just can't stop sensationalizing and prolonging the inexplicable publicity of all time to keep connected to the world added by the fact of creating a common lingo through pig language.

The Deputy Director for permits is spreading out hatred towards beauty. He gathers all men who are good looking, make them follow him and kill the woman they save at first. The road is zigzag. He supports prostitution and sells women of his kind and kind alike who have the desire to hop from one man to another or at the same time in bed.

Analyzing the scenario, they are particularizing an innocent woman with one body and soul. And the people who have been following her are multiplying and innocence is continually being ripped off- a gulp from the intangibles.

In creative marketing and advertising, preparation in structuring a concept is a must in the form of imagination. They are targeting a negative change in people all through out the world. I believe in life after death, in religious beliefs and the creator.

They are creating continuity in building an organization even after life time.
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